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PLAYLIST des Jahres 2.019


Entdeckungen des Jahres

- Artemiz

- Aurora

- Blue October

- Billie Eilish 

- Ruts DC


Top Releases

*immer wieder gehört oder neu wieder-entdeckt

- Adele "Live at Royal Albert Hall" (2.011; Epic Pop)

- Blue October "Live in Texas" (2.018; Epic Rock)

- Böhse Onkelz "35 Jahre Böhse Onkelz & Bratislava Symphony Orchestra "Symphonien & Sonaten" (2.015; Modern Classic)*

- C.O.R. "Lieber tot als Sklave" (2.015; Crossover)

- Cripper "Follow Me: Kill!" (2.017; Thrash Metal)*

- Critical Mess "Human Praey" (2.018; Death Metal)

- Detritus "If But For One" (1.993; Thrash Metal) 

- Die Skeptiker "Harte Zeiten" (1.990; Punk Rock)

- Dover "The Flame" (2.003; Pop/Punk Rock)

- Eat Lipstick "Eat Lipstick" (2.015; Punk Rock/Rock)*

- Grober Knüppel "Angepisster deutscher Albtraum" (2.014; Crossover)

- Isolierband "Keine Gnade" [EP] (Punk; 1.982)

- Kittie "In The Black" (2.009; Metal), "Spit" (1.999; Thrash Metal/X-Over)

- Lotte "Querfeldein" (2.017; Singer/Songwriter/Alternative Acoustic PopRock)

- Matt Gonzo Roehr "Blitz & Donner" (2.011; Rock)

- Metallica "Jump In The Fire" [Single] (1.984; Thrash/Speed Metal)

- Morgoth "The Eternal Fall" [EP] (1.990; Death Metal)**

- Nirvana "Nevermind" (1.991; Grunge/Punk Rock)

- Oomph! "Sperm" (1.994; Crossover)

- Orphan Hate "Blinded By Illusions" (2.008; Metal/Melodic Death/Thrash Metal)**

- Paradise Lost "Gothic" (1.991; Death-/Gothic Metal)

- Pe Schowsky "Dreck & Seelenbrokat" (2.012; Rock/Billy 'N Punk Rock)*

- Pearl Jam "rearviewmirror (Greatest Hits 1991–2003)" (2.004; Rock)

- Pro Pain "Voice Of Rebellion" (2.015; Hardcore/Crossover)*

- Queen "Made In Heaven" (1.995; Rock)

- Ruts DC "Music Must Destroy" (2.016; Punk Rock) 

- Sheer Terror "Love Songs For The Unloved" (1.995; Hardcore)

- Such a Surge "Under Pressure" (1.995; Crossover)

- Suicidal Tendencies "Get Your Fight On" [EP] (2.018; Skate Punk/Crossover)

- Tapping The Vein "The Damage" (2.002; Alternative Rock)

- The Exploited "Troops Of Tomorrow" (1.982; Punk/Hardcore Punk) 

- V.A., "Hold Your Ground" (1.994; Hardcore/Punk/Oi-Street Punk)

- Wirtz "Die fünfte Dimension" (2.017; Rock)*



- Billy Bio "Freedom's Never Free" [EP] (2.019; Crossover/Hardcore/Punk Rock)*

- Cerebral Enema "Erase The Human Dung" (2.019; Goregrind/Grindcore)*

- Critical Mess "Man Made Machine Made Man" (2.019; Death Metal)

- Cryptopsy "The Book Of Suffering, Tome II" [EP] (2.018; Technical High Speed Death Metal)*

- D.A.D. "A Prayer For The Loud" (2.019; Blues Rock/Hard Rock)*

- Eschenbach "Mein Stamm" (2.019; Crossover/Rock)*

- Eskrement Beton/Asselterror "Rattendisco" [Split Vinyl] (2.020; Punk Rock/Punk)*

- Fallen Tyrant "Children Of A Nuclear Dawn" (2.019; Old School Black Metal)*

- Friedemann "Mehr Schein als Sein" (2.019; Alternative Acoustic/Rock/PunkRock)*

- In Cold Blood "Legion Of Angels" (2.019; Hardcore/Crossover/Metal)*

- Keele "Kalte Wände" (2.019; Post Punk/Punk Rock/Alternative)*

- Larrikins "Für die, die geblieben sind" (2.019; Rock/Punk Rock)*

- Lotte "Glück" (2.019; Singer/Songwriter/Alternative Acoustic PopRock)

- Miss Velvet & The Blue Wolf feat. George Clinton "Feed The Wolf" (2.019; Funk/Rock/Blues/Pop)*

- Mono "Nowhere Now Here" (2.019; Epic Rock)*

- Tausend Löwen Unter Feinden "Zwischenwelt" (2.019; X-Over/Metalcore)*

- The Devil 'N' Us "Still devil's Music" (2.019; Rock 'N' Roll/Psychobilly/Blues/Rock)*

- The Idiots "Schweineköter" (2.019; Punk/Punk Rock)*

- The Jackets "Queen Of The Pill" [12"] (2.019; Psychedelic Fuzz Garage Rock/'60s Rock)*

- The Last Gang "Keep Them Counting" (2.018; Punk Rock)

- Razors/Restmensch "40 Years Of Razors/6,5 Years Of MultifunktionsJacken Pogo Punk" [7" Split Vinyl] (2.018; Punk/Punk Rock)*

- Ufosekte "Ufosekte" [7"] (2.019; Punk/Punk Rock)*

- VLTIMAS "Something Wicked Marched In" (2.019; Death Metal)*

- Weckörhead "Taub für immer" [2LP/Digipack CD] (2.019; Rock 'N Roll/Rock/Metal)*




- Anneke van Giersbergen's Vuur "Like A Stone" (Chris Cornell Live Cover)

- AnnenMayKantereit "Du bist anders"

- Artemiz "Completed Me" 

- Asking Alexandria "Alone In A Room"

- Aurora "I Went Too Far" (Live), "The Seed", "Conqueror" (Live)


- Ben Monteith "How To Save A Life" (The Fray Live-Cover)

- Berlin Blackouts "Anticap.Messiah"

- Beth Hart "Bad Woman Blues"

- Billi Eilish "I Love You" (Live), "Bad Guy", "Ocean Eyes" 

- Billy Raffoul "Dark Four Door"

- Black Label Society "Spoke In The Wheel"

- Blue October "The Feel Again (Stay)", "The Worry List", "Hard Candy", "Light You Up", "Let Forever Mean Forever"

- Böhse Onkelz "Regen" (Live), "Schöne neue Welt" (Live)

- Buddy Guy "What Kind Of Woman Is This?"


- Chet Faker "No Diggity" (Live)

- Crash Valley "Stray"

- Creeping Death "Bloodlust Contamination" 


- Die Skeptiker "Meer von Grün"

- Demi Lovato "Catch Me/Don't Forget" (Live)

- Destruction "Inspired By Death" 

- Dictated "Hypso"


- Eschenbach "Wer bist du"

- Everlast "What It's Like" (Live)


- Freddy Mercury "Time Waits For No One"

- Freeland & Spinnerette "Borderline"


- Godsmack "Re-Align" 

- Grindcore For Breakfast "Trial" 


- Halestorm "All I Wanna Do (Is Make Love To You)" 

- Harvard of the South "Heart Of Stone"

- Helloween "Pumpkins United" (Live)

- Henry Rollins "Liar" 

- Hiroshima Hearts "Wreckage"

- Hobbastank "Crawling In The Dark"

- Hollyn "I Wasn't Enough For You" (Acoustic)


- Incite feat. Chris Barnes "Poisoned By Power"

- Izegrim "Retraumatized", "World Power Or Downfall" (Live at FemME 2014)


- Jacob Lee "Demons"

- Jeff Turner & Jenny Woo "Unforgiven" (Cockney Rejects Cover)

- Jenny Woo "Dreams Don't Die"

- Jessie J "Nobody's Perfect" (Acoustic)

- John Moreland "Heart's Too Heavy"

- Juju feat. Henning May "Vermissen", feat. Xavier Naidoo "Freisein"

- Julia Michaels feat. Niall Horan "What A Time"

- Juliette And The Licks "Shelter Your Needs" 


- Kapitulation B.o.N.n. "Am Fenster" (City Cover)

- Kina Grannis "Gangsta's Paradise" (Coolio Cover) 

- Kontra K. feat. BTNG & AK Ausserkontrille "Gift" 


- Larkin Poe "Jolene" (Dolly Parton Cover), "Boys Of Summer" (Don Henley/Mike Campbell Cover), "Grandma's Hands" (Bill Withers Cover)

- Laura Korinth "Between The Bars" (Elliot Smith Coversong)

- Layndinah "Denial-Nation"

- Linkin Park "In The End (Mellen Gi & Tommee Profitt Remix)", vs. Evanescence "Castle Of Burnt Hearts" (Mashup Version) 

- Lotte "Unbeholfen", "Du fehlst", "Fluchtreflex"  

- Lowdown Brass Band "Wake Up" (Live Studio Session @ Paste Studio NYC - New York, NY)


- Mazzy Star "Fade Into You"

- Mära "Label Me Insane" (Live), "Blameshifter"

- Metallica "Disposable Heroes" (Live Acoustic), "Frantic" (Live 2019)

- Michael Kiwanuka "Cold Little Heart"

- Moby "New Dawn Fades"

- Motörhead And Bob Marley "Killed By Exodus"


- Napalm Raid "Dead Cities"

- Negro Terror "Al Town Skate Park"

- Night Nurse "Baby Blue 2019"

- No Doubt "Oi To The World"

- Noah Kahan "Passenger"

- Noiss "Wait Another Day"


- Östro 430 "S-Bahn"

- Ozzy Osbourne "Under The Graveyard"


- Papa Roach "Feel Like Home" 

- P!nk feat. Chris Stapleton "Love Me Anyway", "Wild Hearts Can't Be Broken" 

- Pink Floyd "Wish You Were Here", "Time After Time" (Cindy Lauper Cover; Acoustic), "Perfect" (Live Acoustic) 


- Rag 'n' Bone Man "Skin" (Live)

- Rising Appalachia "Resilient" (Live Studio Session @ Paste Studio ATL - Atlanta, GA)

- Rawside "(Nie) wieder frei"

- Ruts DC "Psychic Attack", feat. Henry Rollins "Music Must Destroy" 


- Sandra Siebert "Open Your Eyes" (Guano Apes Live Cover)

- Sarah Connor "Flugzeug aus Papier (Für Emmy)" 

- Scott Bradlee's Postmodern Jukebox feat. Jennie Lena "Crazy Train" (Ozzy Osbourne Cover)

- Shok Paris "Full Metal Jacket" (Live)

- Sela Sue "Fear Nothing"

- Shinedown "Simple Man" (Live Acoustic; Lynyrd Skynyrd Cover)

- Sido feat. Monchi "Leben vor dem Tod", "Das Buch", feat. Kool Savas "In the End (Remix)"

- Spinnerette "Driving Song", "A Prescription For Mankind", "Sex Bomb"

- Staind "Outside" 

- Stefanie Stuber "Ghost Walking" (Live Cover; Lamb Of God)

- Stoned Jesus "Bright Like The Morning" 

- Swiss & Die Andern "Asche zu Staub"


- Teddy Swims "You're Still The One" (Shania Twain Cover)

- Texas Terri Bomb! "Holy Ghost"

- The Bates "Nights In White Satin" 

- The Brotherhood Of Sonic Love "Satellite Heart"

- The Dead Weather "I Feel Love (Every Million Miles)"

- The Distillers "Man Vs. Magnet"

- The Flatliners "Mastering The World's Smallest Violin" 

- The Hellfreaks "Witches Heal" 

- The Hillbilly Moon Explosion feat. Mark "Sparky" Phillips "Queen Of Hearts" 

- The Pretty Reckless "Make Me Wanna Die"

- The Prodigy "Timebomb Zone" 

- Tice "Ende.", "So oft" 

- Tribe Of Pazuzu "Heretical Uprising"


- Udo Lindenberg "König von Scheißegalien (Walk On The Wild Side)"

- Unbeaten feat. Mike Olbrich "Fight Your Fears"

- Uriah Heep "Lady In Black"


- Vltimas "Total Destroy!", "Diabolus Est Sanguis", "Monolilith"

- Violet Orlandi "Leave Out All The Rest" (Linkin Park Cover) 


- What We Feel "Resist To Exist" 

- Wirtz "Siehst Du mich?"

- Winona Oak "Break My Broken Heart"

- Wormwood "The Isolationist"



Buch des Jahres: Matthias Röhr, Dennis Diel & Marco Matthes "Gonzo, Die offizielle und autorisierte Biografie" [] (Buch, 1. Auflage, 2.019)

weiterer (teils wieder entdeckter) Lesestoff des Jahres:

- Deborah Spungen "Einstichpunkte" [Droemersche Verlagsanstalt Th. Knaur Nachf. GmbH & Co.] (Buch; 1.985)

- John Lydon "Anger Is An Energy" [Wilhelm Heyne Verlag] (Autobiographie-Buch; 2.015)

- Robert Harris "Vaterland" [Wilhelm Heyne Verlag] (Buch; 1.996)

- Tim Pröse "Hallervorden, Ein Komiker macht ernst" [Campe Verlag] (Buch; 2.017) 

- Timothy White "Bob Marley, Catch A Fire" [Koch International GmbH, Hannibal Verlag] (Biographie-Buch; 2.017, 9. Auflage)

- Vanessa Giese "Da gewöhnze dich dran, Wie ich mein Herz an den Pott verlor" [Rowohlt Verlag GmbH] (Buch; 2.013)


R.I.P./R.I.F ~ A Salute to 


- Martin "Martl" Winkler 

- Bruce Corbitt

- Marko "Marc" Paganini

- Ted McKenna

- Bruce Corbitt

- Keith Flint

- Dick Dale

- Bernie Tormé

- Bruno Ganz

- Karl Lagerfeld

- Peter Tork 

- Mark Hollis

- Omar Higgins

- Hannelore Elsner

- Doris Day

- Niki Lauda

- Roky Erikson

- André Coelho Matos

- Astrid North

- Costa Cordalis

- Ingo & Susana Kantorek

- Sigmund Jähn

- Karel Gott

- Schwester Ruth

- Ginger Baker

- Peter Hobbs

- Timi Hansen 

- Wolfgang Winkler

- Marie Fredriksson

- Danny Aiello

- Rüdiger Pemmerl

- Martjo "Jack Daniels" Brongers

- Jan Fedder

- Elja Nelson