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Musikalische News in eigener Sache - LAYNDINAH

***BELOW IN ENGLISH*** Hallo liebe Freunde des Hauses,

nach vielen Monaten des Wartens kann ich nun endlich einen der besten Songs, die ich in 27 Jahren Musikmacherei je aufgenommen habe, mit Euch teilen. "Denial-Nation" ist ganz klar die Explosion zweier aufeinander treffender Freigeister geworden. Punk Rock, Pop, sogar ein melodic-core-iger Hip Hop Part ist da bei. Ganz unten auch noch einmal der gesamte Text zum Mitlesen, wem das YouTube Lyric Video (*bitte direkt auf YouTube checken) etwas zu schnell sein sollte. ;-)

Ich bin sowas von happy, dass dieser Song endlich von Anker geht... das war es alles wert - LAYNDINAH.

P.S.: Es wäre natürlich klasse, wenn Ihr den Song teilen würdet. Das wäre nicht nur das Beste Kompliment, das Ihr uns machen könntet, sondern auch eine super Unterstützung . :)
Dear Friends & Fellas,

after many months of waiting I can finally share one of the best Songs with you I ever did in last 27 years of making music. "Denial-Nation" is a great explosion of two free spirits which collided. Punk Rock, Pop, even a melodic Core Hip Hop Part is left inside. If there's too much speed about the lyrics in the video so just check out the full lyrics below (*nevertheless please check out the video on YouTube). ;-)

I Am that much happy... this Song has left the home port finally...
that was all worth it - LAYNDINAH.

P.S.: Of course it would B great if you could share this Song. It would B a great support. :)

Danny B


I just don’t really know
what to buy
what is it worth to show
All. That. I. Own. In. Times. Like. These. Will. Lead. Us. To. The. Unknown.

(And) You got a heart and mind
I never wanted time to waste
(And) You got a heart and mind

I don’t want it
I don’t want it
leave me 2 fuck alone
I don’t want it
I don’t want it
Mom get me back home

People shit
All Around
do the new age sound
keep yourself - hold your ground
but U R lost & found

Tell me what’s coming undone
maybe it’s all undone

And now we want a break
and now we force a social grave
don’t deny we’re walking in attention
your war never ever break

Algorithms all around
dead army of algorithm flood
welcome to the new faked world
your new controlled neighbourhood

Animals dies,
dying forests, an orphaned mountain so high
dead lanscapes
synthetic bodies

(Society demands) Slaves to the Grind
kind of trophies
in the end of a dead end line
no heart, no mind

Ugly ones who've become bitter
they hurry - no time to live
I don’t want it
leave me alone all you fuckin’ hypocrites

People change
noise of daily life
what a loud world we live in
so many ones full of inner bitter, bitter sins

You got a heart and mind
I never wanted time to waste
You got a heart and mind
I never wanted time to waste
you got a heart and mind
you got a heart and mind

Plastic Shit Shit
Plastic Shit Shit
Plastic Shit
Sick. Sick. Sick.

Text/Lyrics & Vocals/Gesang: Danny B Helm, 8.06.19 ©

Musik/Music: Hardy K., 8.06.19 ©